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Compact & low noisy scroll rack refrigeration system / protocol

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    Compact & low noisy scroll rack refrigeration system / protocol
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    Refrigeration system
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General introduction

Protocol[1] is a compact, low noisy and high performance paralleled scroll compressor system, used to drive various refrigeration applications within a certain range of cooling capacity. It is a compact and low noise design, thus it can be installed near the refrigeration terminal such as a refrigeration display case. Thus, the refrigerant line could be very short and brings following

Protocol has following specifications and advantages:

  • Capacity and size: MT and LT application 16 ~ 36HP (inputting power) with 4~6 compressors. Vertical 1092X745X2032 (L x W x H) or Horizontal 3099X745X813 (L x W x H) ;
  • Noise: <=65dB, which enable to be installed out of machine room and achieves short hose design;
  • Low installation cost: Reducing refrigerant charge by 60~80%, low leak probability, no need of machine room; No need or decrease the requirement of evaporative pressure regulations;
  • Performance: High performance scroll compressor, especially LT EVI application; Suitable for load with big fluctuation by 4~6 paralleled compressors; High performance due to short refrigerant line with low pressure drop in the system; No mix application (avoiding the case of different evaporative applications using same suction line)

Protocol application area:

  • Supermarket, Cold storage and any place which need small scale refrigeration system.



[1] Protocol was named after Montreal Protocol where worldwide CFC phase out schedule were first adopted