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Automatic filling machine 6 heads / เครื่องบรรจุอาหารเหลว

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    Automatic filling machine 6 heads / เครื่องบรรจุอาหารเหลว
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    Inline Filling Machine
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This is a fully automatic machine with six in-line heads for drinking water or other low viscosity liquids, utilizing either glass or rigid plastic bottles of various sizes. Bottles travel along a delivery conveyor and are positioned under the filling heads. When the filling heads are deployed, the plug mechanism is designed to prevent any dripping. In addition, the filling process work on the basis of "No Bottles No Filling" system and the filling technique is regulated by the liquid flow. The filling heads can be raised or lowered to match bottles height. The machine platform is water-proof by design, which prevents water from getting into the lower compartments. Electro-pneumatic and PLC are used in this machine. The complete filling machine may be dismantled easily for cleaning and maintenance.