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Rotary filling machine / เครื่องบรรจุอาหารเหลวแบบโรตารี่

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    Rotary filling machine / เครื่องบรรจุอาหารเหลวแบบโรตารี่
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    Rotary Filling Machine
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This 36 heads machine consists of filling Capping and Cap Sorting devices in one single table. The major advantage of the Super Monobloc is that it is space-saving from the filling point to cap receiving point. Running distances are remarkably making it suitable for products which use full bottles capacity such as drinking water. The filling system is pure gravity making it the optimum machine for drinking water filling. The filling operation is suitable for PE and PET bottles. With uniform filling levels, consistant levels are maintained for every bottle. The filling bowl can be raised or lowered to match different bottle heights. The frame of the machine is of water-proof design preventing water from getting into the lower compartments. Electro-pneumatic controls are used. The complete filling machine may be dismantled for cleaning and maintainance