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Pre cooker / เครื่องนึ่ง

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    Pre cooker / เครื่องนึ่ง
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Food Machinery Co., Ltd has designed and manufactured pre-cookers for food industry which has the pre-cooking step in production processing. There are 2 types of Pre-Cooker, circular and rectangular type. The pre-cooking step is almost the beginning step of food production; it is very important step, so the pre-cooker must be good in work efficiency. Our pre-cookers could be designed and manufactured according to the customer’s requirement.


1. Venting PhaseAfter the products are loaded into the pre-cooker, hot steam is injected into the vessel. The temperature continuously grows from the initial pre-cooking temperature to the scheduled maximum processing temperature. At the same time, remaining air is steamed out via vent valve.

2. Cooking Phase Two modes are optional.

1. Timing Cooking ModeThe products are cooked by well distributed hot steam. The maximum processing temperature is controlled and held constantly in response to the holding time set.

2. Backbone Cooking ModeThe products are cooked by well distributed hot steam. This process is done until the target backbone is reached. Automatic measurements of the backbone temperature by probes at the widest portion of inside products are made in order to determine if the desired backbone temperature has been obtained.

3. Exhausting PhaseWhen cooking phase is already done, the exhausted valve opens and the blower starts to run for releasing remaining hot steam under programmed time.

4. Cooling PhaseAfter accomplishing of cooking phase, sprayed water is injected into the vessel to gently cool the product according to the planned time.


  • A Control System comprises a controller which is equipped with touch screen to control the operation of the pre-cooker. It is responsible for controlling all phases according to a scheduled time temperature profile. It is also designed to control and internal temperature in the product and terminate the phase when the process reaches a desired internal temperature and time.
  • Process status including the data of equipment status, temperature, time, and alarm can be monitored and easily detected. The profile, collected in the program, could be selected to suit each kind of products.
  • For customer’s alternatives, process cycles can be controlled by Central Host PC so that all pre-cookers are remotely monitored from Host PC in the control room.
  • The host computer is used to provide input information for the controlled in controlling the whole precooking process. It is also used to receive process and display output information about the process which is generated by the controller.



  • “FM” Pre-cookers are specially designed for cooking various kinds of food under injected steam and cooking under sprayed water (optional) so that the product cleaning, the skin extraction or the following process can easily take place.
  • “FM” Pre-cookers are available in a wide range of sizes and capacities from 2 baskets to 10 baskets. The machines can be fabricated in both circular and rectangular vessels equipped with either slip-way lock or swing-opened door and sensor device to obstruct process working in case of incomplete door closing. 
  • Customer’s need in also fulfilled with our proposals, fully automatic or semi-automatic control system. They are designed to optimize the precooking process and provide better benefits in product yield and quality. Optimal pre-cooker time and temperature can be adjusted to achieve the target point. 
  • All FM pre-cookers including vessels, work pipes and valves are fabricated in stainless steel in compliance with GMP & HACCP standard. They have been developed for high durability and easy maintenance.