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Direct steam retort / หม้อฆ่าเชื้อแบบใช้ไอน้ำ

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    Direct steam retort / หม้อฆ่าเชื้อแบบใช้ไอน้ำ
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Food Machinery Co., Ltd has designed and manufactured various types of retorts. The efficiency of all types of retorts has been developed to reach our customer’s satisfaction, and will be developing continually.

Food Machinery Co., Ltd’s retorts are designed to sterilize food in containers to destroy harmful bacteria. Various kinds of containers could be used in retorts such as pouches, bottles, plastic tray, aluminum tray, and so on.

Direct Steam Retort

“FM” Direct Steam Retorts are designed to sterilize food under injected steam. The containers which could be used for this retort type are the rigid containers packaging only.


1. Venting

After filled and sealed rigid containers are loaded into the retort, hot steam is injected into the vessel. The temperature continuously grows to the scheduled maximum processing temperature. At the same time, remaining air is steamed out via vent valve. This step is performed to let the air out of the retort since the air remaining cause an ineffective heating process.

2. Sterilizing

The products are sterilized by well distribute hot steam. The maximum processing temperature is controlled and held constantly in response to the holding time set.

3. Cooling

At the cooling phase, the temperature and pressure inside the retort are controlled by reducing pressure, and filling water into the retort until the products are flooded and the desire product temperature has been achieved.