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Water spray retort / หม้อฆ่าเชื้อแบบใช้น้ำร้อนพ่นฝอย

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    Water spray retort / หม้อฆ่าเชื้อแบบใช้น้ำร้อนพ่นฝอย
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  • “FM” Water Spray Retorts are designed to sterilize food and drinks in containers to destroy harmful bacteria, is manufactured in 4 standard sizes to accept all various types of containers such as aluminum pouches, glass bottles, plastic or aluminum containers and so on.

  • Customer’s demand is satisfied with a range of capacity from 2 baskets to 8 baskets, single or double doors design with slip-way lock and sensor device to obstruct process working in case of incomplete door closing.

  • All “FM” Water Spray Retort including vessels, work pipes and valves are fabricated in stainless steel in compliance with ASME standard and fully equipped with water level control, circulation alarm, warning alarm for process deviation, and temperature and pressure control.

  • Our design and fabrication of semi and fully automatic retorts are in compliance with HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) & GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice)

Spraying System

  • The continuous spraying of water through a series of spray nozzles, located at an optimum position of spray pattern, with direct steam injection gives better constant and homogenous temperature distribution and heat transfer to cover on every inch of products.

  • Optimum heat distribution (±0.5 ?C)

Accurate pressure control (±0.05 bars)

  • The heat exchanger for cooling provides optimum water quality and no contamination of the products by separating product contact water from cooling water.


1. Water filling and Preheating and Coming up

After filled and sealed containers are loaded into the retort, the process begins with filling some volume of water to a controlled level of the processing vessel (the water maybe pre-heated up to the required temperature to prevent temperature drop of the products at the beginning of the process) . Meanwhile the water in the vessel is heated by steam and circulated continuously until thoroughly obtaining the set-point temperature and pressure. At the same time the system injects the water through spray nozzles to increase product temperature.

2. Sterilizing

During the thermal processing, the hot water is sprayed from the spray nozzles with an optimum adjusted spray angle onto every inch of pouches or containers until the programmed temperature and pressure meet the scheduled process time.

3. Cooling

At the cooling phase, the circulating water passed through a plate heat exchanger which is now set to achieve a smooth transition into cooling. This water circulation continues working until the programmed temperature has been achieved.