Forefront Foodtech Co., Ltd.

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Bowl cutter / เครื่องกระทะสับ

  • ชื่อผลิตภัณฑ์
    Bowl cutter / เครื่องกระทะสับ
  • หมวดหมู่
    Cutter, Dicer, Slicer
  • รุ่น
    90l T2M-R, 90l STL
  • ยี่ห้อ

Series 90 T2M-R Series 90 STL
  • Power main moter 25/32 kw
  • Knife shaft 1500/3000 rpm
  • Mixing 75/150 rpm
  • Fuse rating 80 Amps.
  • Power main moter 32 kw
  • Knife shaft 40/5000 rpm
  • Mixing 40-500 rpm
  • Fuse rating 80 Amps.

Series 90 T2M-R & 90 STL
  • The basis of the CUTMIX is solid housing with intergral knife shaft bearing arm of cast iron
  • The smooth stainless-steel outer serfaces can be clened easily and quickly
  • All parts which come into contact with foodstuffs are made of stainless steel materals.
  • The solid bearing of the shft, including the sealing, ensure a trouble-free opertion, even at maximum speed.
  • The outer edge of the bowl is raised. Even liquid products will not spill over the edge.
  • The CUTMIXERS are operation through a clear, and easy to clenn touch sensitive key-board
  • The digital display indicates the knife speed, temperature of product, number of bowl turns, and the cutting time