Gati (Thailand) Limited

Thailand has been on its pinnacle for more than a decade. A major player on the world's market floor in multifarious arenas, Thailand has earned the title of the 'Detroit of Asia'. In the past years Thailand has made remarkable trade alliances with many developed and developing economies to strengthen its foot in the global markets. Thailand is the world's no.1 exporter of rice other significant exports includes textiles and footwear, fishery products, rubber, jewelry, automobiles, computers and electrical appliances. Gati opened its first office in Bangkok to promote business in both the countries. Gati introduced customized solutions to cater the needs of Indian businesses in Thailand. The individuals can send their Cargo to India at very economical prices. Within a span of less than 2 years Gati Thailand has become an expert in relocation of cargo to India.

The services we offer are: Courier: Gati offers courier service of global standards. In 1996, Gati tied up with Indian Airlines to facilitate speedier delivery of shipment. This twelve-year relationship has now been further strengthened with the launch of the co-branded (Air India Gati ) air cargo and courier service. This lethal combination will demonstrate the value the customers can derive from the synergies of the two majors in air and surface networks. We provide fast and economical service to anywhere in India.

ชื่อบริษัท: Gati (Thailand) Limited
ที่อยู่: 333 Moo 9, A.P. Nakarintr Building, 11th floor, Unit 2. Sr. Nakarintr Rd., Bangna, Bangkok 10260 Thailand
โทร: Tel:(66) 2745 8400-2
F:(66) 2745 8445