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Rotary lobe pump

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    Rotary lobe pump
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    Rotary pump
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The new rotary lobe pump "Design by HILGE"

The new pump range from HILGEoffers you reliable, efficient and hygienic solutions for high specification pumping tasks in numerous areas of application.

The NOVAlobe pumps have been designed in accordance with the strictest hygienic design criteria. The surface finish of the materials used is of the utmost importance - both for physical properties and with regard to preventing possible breeding grounds for bacteria and germs. The design requirements and materials used as well as the material surface finish are subject to a variety of national and international rules and regulations, guide-lines and laws, such as:

  • EU Machinery Directive
  • FDA and GMP regulations
  • EU Foodstuff Hygienic Guidelines
  • DIN EN 12462 Biotechnology Standard
  • recommendations of the EHEDG (European Hygienic Equipment Design Group)
  • recommendations of the QHD (Qualified Hygienic Design)
Novalobe Optional features Thermal jackets

Thermal jackets are available for the front cover and rotor case and are used to help control the temperature of the pump and the pumped liquid. The thermal jackets are suitable for both heating and cooling.

Pressure relief valve

The pressure relief valve is a safety device, preventing overpressurisation and subsequent damage to the pump. Pressure relief valves are incorporated in the front cover.

Aseptic front cover

By means of a circulating barrier fluid, the aseptic front cover together with the double mechanical seals increase safety when operating with high-containment requirement applications.



The NOVAlobe range offers reliable, efficient and hygienic operation even under the most arduous conditions. The pumps can operate bi-directionally and are suitable for a wide range of applications, such as:

Food and beverage

  • Breweries (e.g. yeast)
  • Dairies (e.g. yoghurt with fruit)
  • Soft-drink applications (e.g. syrup)
  • Food processing industries (e.g. chocolate and jam)

Pharmaceutical industry

  • Vaccine/fermentation broth
  • Blood products
  • Biotechnology
  • Cosmetics (e.g. shampoo and lotion)

Other industrial applications

  • Pulp and paper
  • Textile industry
  • Chemical industry (e.g. oil)
  • Paints/adhesives.

Technical data (depending on pump size and number of speeds)

Max. differential pressure: 16 bar Displacement: 0.06 to 1.29 l/rev.Max. viscosity: 1.000.000 cPSterilisation temperature: 140°C (SIP)