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Centrifugal pump / ปั๊มแรงเหวี่ยง ปั๊มหอยโข่ง

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    Centrifugal pump / ปั๊มแรงเหวี่ยง ปั๊มหอยโข่ง
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    Centrifugal pump
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    Euro-HYGIA® Bloc-SUPER:
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Stationary on adjustable stainless steel ball feet, Motor with extended stainless steel shaft, Stainless steel shroud


Casing and back-plate manufactured from heavy duty,deep drawn rolled stainless steel 1.4404 corresponding to AISI 316 L. 4 impeller designs (optimum gentle pumping action) : semi-open in rolled stainless steel quality 1.4404, closed in 1.4571 or 1.4581.


  • Two channel impeller or unblockable impeller
  • Equipped with sturdy, quick-release clamp
  • Equipped with flange ring (HP = High Pressure design)
Shaft seals:

Depending on application and media, single or double mechanical seals, tandem or back-to-back, with flushing or sealing water connection. The inboard mechanical seal is cooled and cleanable due to its optimum position in the product flow. Materials selected to suit media pumped.

Connection types:
  • Threaded connections to DIN 11851
  • Flange fittings to DIN 2642

Other connections available conforming to the following standards: SMS, RJT, IDF, clamp connection to DIN and ISO or other standards, special sterile threaded fittings and sterile small flanges.

Technical data (depending on pump size and number of speeds)
  • Flow: up to 250 m³/h
  • Differential pressure: up to 7 bar
  • Working pressure: up to 16 bar, higher working pressures on request
  • Operating temperature: up to 140°C, higher temperatures on request
Additional options:
  • Pumps on stainless steel trolley with motor starter switch and cable
  • Pump foot made of stainless steel
  • Casing drain DN 15 (other sizes possible)
  • Heating jackets.
  • Special paint for motor.Cast-iron and steel motor parts.
  • Euro-HYGIA®Adapta®and CN with ex-protected three-phase motor EEx e II T3 / EEx de IIC T4
  • Motors with special voltages and frequencies
  • Euro-HYGIA®Bloc and Bloc-SUPER with integral frequency inverter in the terminal box as Euro-HYGIA®tronic to 7.5 kW
  • Packed gland as shaft seal, single or flushed
  • With double mechanical seals, depending on model, with attached flush or thermosyphon systems.
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