NSF-CMi Asia Pacific Co., Ltd.

Supplier audit 2nd party audit / การตรวจประเมินผู้ส่งมอบ

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    Supplier audit 2nd party audit / การตรวจประเมินผู้ส่งมอบ
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NSF-Cmi Supply Chain Assurance service seeks to assure that the supply of all products is safe and legal

The service includes :

-Approval against recognized technical standards for the verification of technical competence

-Co-ordination of the supplier inspection process, including competent technical review of assessment reports from suppliers using other inspection bodies

-Risk-based approval against bespoke NSF-Cmi supplier assessment standards -Support to suppliers to improved technical competence as part of the assessment and feedback process

-Co-ordination and maintenance of the technical approval status of suppliers -Accurate database management of the client's supply base, including supplier details, product categories, scope of inspection and level of approval, and renewal status.