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Continuous pasteurizer / เครื่องพาสเจอไรซ์อาหารเหลวแบบต่อเนื่อง

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    Continuous pasteurizer / เครื่องพาสเจอไรซ์อาหารเหลวแบบต่อเนื่อง
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Patkol Public Company Limited has extensive experience with dairy-related industries. We also offer a highly skilled group of engineers, project construction managements, estimators, fabricators, and installation experienced in the specialized field of facility and dairy construction. We have been supplying sanitary processing equipments and services, which has provided innovative and cost effectiveservices for many of Thailand’s leading dairy food producers, helping them to maximize hygiene, operating efficiency and product quality.Products Engineering design and project management services Instrumentation lines, panels and automatic operation systems. Upgrades of existing production lines Sanitary processing equipments with installation work. Milk collecting center Farm cooling tank Plate heat exchanger Tubular heat exchanger Homogenizers Piping analysis, modeling, design and fabrication Pasteurization unit CIP with automatic operation system Hygienic tanks Utility Systems; Chilled, Potable, & Filtered Water; Steam & Condensate; Compressed Air; Wastewater; Waste Handling Systems Sterilization and pasteurization systems are completed plate or tubular type which are applied for pasteurizing, UHT sterilizing of dairy, tea drink, juices, etc, to assure for long shelf life