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Pms fluid bed dryer / เครื่องอบแห้งแบบฟลูอิดเบด

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    Pms fluid bed dryer / เครื่องอบแห้งแบบฟลูอิดเบด
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In Fluid Bed Drier, warm air is forced upward through a porous grid, fluidizing and partially suspending the granules in the warm air steam and reducing drying time to an hour or less. The Fluid Bed Drier also produces a granulation in which all portions of the granulation are equally dried, a situation which may not exist for oven-dried materials. Furthermore, in the fluid bed drier drug migration during drying is usually not a problem, owing to the continuous agitation of the granulation. Equipment is available to convert fluid bed driers to continuous granulators and driers. A spray-head is mounted in the fluid bed drier, and the drier is loaded with dry powder which is fluidized and sprayed with granulating agent to produce particle-particle agglomeration, after which the agglomerates are dried by the conventional fluid bed techniques.

Application :
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Cosmetics
  • Food
  • Agricultural
  • Chemical

  • cGMP Compliance
  • Uniform product shape
  • Reproducibility of product quality
  • Short Process Cycle Time
  • Low Space Requirement
  • Easy to operate, clean and maintenance