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Anritsu x ray inspection system / เครื่องเอ็กซเรย์

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    Anritsu x ray inspection system / เครื่องเอ็กซเรย์
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    X-Ray inspector; Vacuum, Leak, Fill level inspection system
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Reach High levels of sensitivity and High stability of in contaminant detection

Extract the know-how of contaminant detection which is supported by many actual results. The scope of detection ranges from soft contaminants, such as bones, plastics, etc. to linear contaminants, such as thin wires, etc. with higher sensitivity and stability, to combine the numbers of the image process algorithm.

Full Function Range Supporting High Sensitivity

This X-ray Inspection System has "Shape detection" to reveal misshapen or lacked products, "Missing product detection" through mass conversion and "Multi-line detection" to detect products on some line using a single detector as the standard function.This Inspection system also detect with high sensitivity and stability.

Data Control, Information Control Function

Due to USB memory compliance and Ethernet as standard function, it is possible to control Image, Statistics, History, Parameter, etc. by your PC.

Simple Operation

Adopt the clear and large screen. It improves the operativeness with the clear view and also reach the suitable screen operation easily.

HACCP Compliance

The all models are fully HACCP-compliant and makes cleaning and maintenance easy. Belts, roller and front cover are easily removed and installed for simplified conveyor all-round wash-up (IP66 compliance for conveyor unit) . Also the conveyor has a Full-Open structure not to have wastes under the conveyor.

Safe Design

Complete operator safety is assured by Anritsu's widespread use of safety interlocks and failsafe mechanisms.

Introduction to Production Line and Usage

[Introduction and Use of this System in Japan]Before introducing this X-ray system to a production line, it is necessary to apply to the Head of the Regional Labor Standard Bureau.To ensure that this system is always used safely, it is best to establish a maintenance contract for safety checks and support systems with us.This system uses parts that are covered by Fire Department's hazardous materials legislation. Before disposing of any parts, contact our nearest sales office or representative.This system conforms to Japan's domestic regulations. The permission of the Japanese government is required to export it or take it out of Japan; please contact our nearest sales office for more details.

[Introduction and Use of this System in Countries other than Japan]When this system is exported from Japan, its installation, use and maintenance must be performed in accordance with the safety laws and regulations, etc., of the relevant bodies governing use of equipment using ionizing radiation in the country to which the system is imported.This system includes parts containing lead, beryllium, refrigerants, etc., that must be disposed of safely when the system reaches the end of its useful life in accordance with the relevant national legislation and ordinances governing disposal of hazardous substances, etc.

 Masking Function

 Clip Check Function

 Missing Product Detection Function

 Aluminum-foil-packaged Foods