Steripac Asia Company Limited

Steripac Asia Co., Ltd. was established in 2003 starting from aseptic bags for pineapple juice industry and bag in box packaging. For year developments, we have been successfully supplied aseptic bag and bag in box ( BIB) packaging for many industries and several countries e.g. Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines, India, and European countries.

We are now the one of best knowledgeable supplier in aseptic bag and bag in box packaging for liquid food products as well as liquid chemicals. We have been working with our selected manufacturing in China, Australia, USA and UK and they are the best in their field.

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ที่อยู่: 104/12 Soi Prachasongkrao 23, Vipawadi rangsit road, Dindang, Dindang, Bangkok 10400 THAILAND

Mr. Choo-ake Sujitwanich

โทรศัพท์: M: +66-(0)95-449-4789
Our Bag In Box packaging is made from high quality materials e.g. LLDPE, NYLON , Coex EVOH ,Metalised barrier (METPET) and Aluminum Foil barrier (ALUFOIL). Our machine is highly automated with computer qualitycontrol data system and highly skill operators. The machine is the best in the world (not local made)with sealing and pressure consistency control as they are the key factor of Bag In Box packaging to achieve zero leakages.We are also able to supply different fitments or spouts to suit customers demand.Our key industry for Bag in box is sauces, liquid eggs, chocolates, mayo, syrup, fruit juices, wine, etc.We can make bag in box from 2 litre up to 100 litre and even customs made sizes for our customer’srequirements.
The aseptic bag is commonly used in aseptic juice concentrated, puree, pulps and NFC from fruitprocesses, e.g. pineapple, mango, guava, banana, papaya , apple, and tomato, We can provideseveral barrier materials for long shelf life ambient condition e.g. Metpet (materialised barrier),Alufoil barrier or even Coex EVOH high barrier. Our bag can be fitting with Elpo , Scholle typed andmembrane fitments for different aseptic filler styles for both 1 inch and 2 inches diameter. We can supply 2 litre until 220 Litre.
Our IBC liner bag normally used with IBC Units and different dimensions, we can make the bag from 1,000 Litre to 1,500 Litre with different style filling fitment and discharge spouts. The IBC liner could be standard materials or high barrier for some of the liquid foods e.g. sauces, juices some liquid chemicals. Our barrier materials normally are Codex EVOH and Metalized laminates. We also offer customs made dimension to suit each IBC units. We can also supply IBC unit as well. We have our OEM manufacturing in China who is specialized in making foldable and returnable IBC for over 20 years.
Steripac Asia has been supplying retort pouches for over 10 years in different structures with new technology to make retort pouches more cost effective. We can make from conventional aluminum structure 12PET/7AL/15BON/70CPP or new clear barrier or transparent structure by using polyester silicon coated (PET-SiOX) for “See through” or microwavable purpose. We can supply retort pouches from small volume i.e. 100 grams to 25 kg pouches and ranging from pet foods to ready meals (MRE’S).