Swan Industries (Thailand) Limited.

Recommended Products Our 300 EOE - PET Laminated is good for packing Tuna in oil and Tuna in water. If you require to pack for other products, please contact our sales and marketing department or customer service.
More than 95% of 2-pieces cans supplied to customers for packing food contents such as Tuna, Sardine, Mackerel (both Human Food and Pet Food) for worldwide export market. Thailand is among the top exporting countries and high quality can is of vital importance to the product packaging that plays a critical role in terms of marketing success. Realizing the importance of the international quality standard, SWAN operate with Fully Automatic High Speed Lines from USA and Germany that are equipped with 100% on-line inspection facility to ensure the quality of every can before delivering to customers. The 2-pieces food cans manufactured here are made from tin free steel , tinplate, aluminium, laminated steels, and laminated aluminium. In addition, we are able to manufacture 2-pieces lithographic cans including either beaded cans or non-beaded cans as well as stackable cans.
Powdered Milk & Dried Food Cans Powdered Milk is considered as an essential source of nutrition for babies, children, and elder people. Therefore, the cleanliness of the can for powdered milk is of great importance to the integrity of the product. Aware of the necessary sanitation in manufacturing high quality can for powdered milk, we invested in building Hygiene Production Room to assure our customers that every powered milk can from us is safe, clean, and ready to pack their powdered milk. In addition to manufacturing powdered milk cans, SWAN also produces various types of dried food cans for snack, confectionery, nuts, and etc.