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บริษัท ไก่ดำมหากิจ จำกัด / Bonback Co., Ltd.


บริษัท ไก่ดำมหากิจ จำกัด

Bonback Co.,Ltd.



Bonback Co.,Ltd. was established in 1981 by Mr. Kachain Phutinard, who has been recognized as the first person to bring black bone chicken from China to Thailand and owner of the first black bone chicken farm in Thailand. With his diligence and strong passion to develop and produce an "original essence of black bone chicken", he decided to set up a factory and use black bone chicken from his farm as the main raw material. Over 30 years of history and experience in the health food industry, Bonback Co.,Ltd. is one of Thailand's leading health food manufacturers; offering Essence of Black-boned Chicken, Black-boned Chicken Soup, Bird's Nest beverage, Bird's Nest Concentrate, and soft drinks (OEM.) . Bonback Co.,Ltd. exports and operates wholesale in Thailand, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, China, Japan, Canada and U.S.A.Bonback Co.,Ltd. products have satisfied the inspection, assessment and licensing of all necessary Ministries in Thailand (FDA, GMP, HACCP, HALAL LAB TEST, etc.) . Our dedication to providing the best quality products with a trust worthy reputation, rapidly gains consumers confidence and trust. Our products are hygienically sealed in a bottle with close-tight cap and specially analyzed and tested by the Thailand Ministry of Public Health in a laboratory; with high standard product testing procedures, consumers can have confidence in the quality and freshness of every product. For the purpose of quality standard controls, the Food and Drug Administration of the Ministry of Public Health and other Ministries involved are regularly investigating, assessing and surveying goods on the market. Any goods which are found to be misleading to the public, over claimed or has otherwise low quality standards, would be retracted from the market and the manufacturing license of such goods would be terminated. Thus, Bonback Co.,Ltd. can ensure that our products meet high quality standard as we comply with good manufacturing practices. Consumers can surely rely on the quality and standards of Bonback Co.,Ltd. products.
Address 133 Moo17 Bangplee Industrial Estate,Bangna Road, Bangsaothong, Samutprakarn 10540 Thailand.
Telephone 023151077, 023151079
Fax 023151078
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