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บริษัท โคฟี่ จำกัด / Cofe Co.,Ltd.



บริษัท โคฟี่ จำกัด

Cofe Co., Ltd


Cofe Co., Ltd was established in 1980. Initially, it manufactures quality instant drink such as iced coffee, iced tea and fruit juice under 'Fruit-D' brand. It distributes the products across country while concentrating strongly in Bangkok, the capital city of Thailand. In its continuous efforts to meet a growing customer demand, the company has been gradually developing it's manufacturing process into a higher degree of automated systems and improving its range of products to the new market. Over its 30 years of operations, Café has steadily grown with a reputation for developing production capacity and delivering quality product via a hygiene, product lifespan, and standardized taste to its customers.
Address 8/96 M.8 Soi35, Charansanitwong Rd, BangProm, TalingChan, Bangkok 10170
  • 028647206-8
  • 024123626
Fax 024184636
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