NSF-CMi Asia Pacific Co., Ltd.

Global Standard for Food Safety BRC Issue 5 / มาตรฐาน BRC Food

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    Global Standard for Food Safety BRC Issue 5 / มาตรฐาน BRC Food
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    Certified body
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    NSF-CMi Asia Pacific


NSF-Cmi Supply Chain Assurance service seeks to assure that the supply of all products is safe and legal The service includes : -Approval against recognized technical standards for the verification of technical competence -Co-ordination of the supplier inspection process, including competent technical review of assessment reports from suppliers using other inspection bodies -Risk-based approval against bespoke NSF-Cmi supplier assessment standards -Support to suppliers to improved technical competence as part of the assessment and feedback process -Co-ordination and maintenance of the technical approval status of suppliers -Accurate database management of the client's supply base, including supplier details, product categories, scope of inspection and level of approval, and renewal status.
Produce assurance for the global supply chain GLOBALGAP IFA Crops, covering Fruit and Vegetables and Flower and Ornamentals, was initially developed by European Retailers to promote Good AgriculturalPractice in the fresh produce industry. The standard has been completed following consultation among partners through the entire supply chain. Many European and North American retailers now require suppliers to be certified to GLOBALGAP.