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Curriculum of Agricultural Engineering,
Department of Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering,
King Mongkut's Institute of Technology Ladkrabang,
Bangkok 10520, Thailand, Tel: 66 2 739-2412,+66 2 3298000 ext. 5120, 5008, Fax: +66 2 3298336


Ph.D. (Agricultural Science in Agricultural Engineering) from the United Graduate School of Agriculture, Kagoshima University (Saga University), Japan. (1997-2001)
M.Eng. (Agricultural Engineering) from Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand. (1982-1984)
B.Eng. (Agricultural Engineering) from Kasetsart University, Thailand. (1976-1980)


Work at King Mongkut's Institute of Technology Ladkrabang, Thailand (1980-present)
-Lecturer (1980-1988)
-Assistant Professor (1988-1996)
-Associate Professor (1996-present)
-Visiting Researcher at Laboratory of Agricultural Production Engineering, Saga University, Japan. (26th March-4th May 2007)

Training attended:
Training course in fast pyrolysis at Institute of Technical Chemistry, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Campus North, Germany. 1st April - 30th June 2010.
Training course in Advanced Chemometrics for NIRS by Dr. Tom Fearn, in the 14th International Conference on Near Infrared Spectroscopy, 8 November 2009, Bangkok, Thailand.
Training on Computer Application in Data Analysis by SPSS for Window program held in King Mongkut's Institute of Technology Ladkrabang Research and Computer Service Center, Thailand during November 21-25, 2005.
Short course on Near Infrared Spectroscopy and Its Applications on Perishable Crops and Grains held in Postharvest Technology Institute, Chiang Mai University. Thailand during June 28-30, 2005.
Training on Product Quality Control by Near Infrared Spectroscopy Technique for the World Trade Competition held in Kasetsart University, Bangkok, Thailand during November 27-28, 2002.
Advanced International course in Agricultural Engineering held in the Agricultural Research Organization, Volcani center, Bet Dagan, Israel in April 30-June 23, 1995.
Summer Intensive English Course at Language Institute of Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand in March 16- April 17, 1992.
Training and workshop on scientific research in the level of co-scientist organized by National Research Council, held in Bangkok, Thailand in September 14-21, 1990.
Training course in the computer based training (CBT) on manufacturing of tools and spare parts organized jointly by United Nations Industrial Development Organization and the Belgium government and the General Administration for Co operation in Development (AGCD) held in Liege, Belgium during December 4-8, 1989.
Training program under the auspices of the Royal Danish Veterinary Agricultural University, Institute of Agricultural Engineering and at the Technical University of Denmark, Denmark during April 27-December 27, 1988.

Membership of professional societies
Thai Society of Agricultural Engineers (Life member)
National Metal and Materials Technology Center
Technology Promotion Association (Thai-Japan) (Life member)


International Journal
1. Biosystems Engineering (2009, 1 manuscript; 2010, 2 manuscripts; 2011, 2 manuscript; 2012, 1 manuscript) Impact factor (2010; 1.102, 2009: 0.917) 5-year Impact factor: 1.4
2. Lubrication Science (2012, 1 manuscript)
3. Postharvest Biology and Technology(2012, 1 manuscript) Impact factor (2011; 2.411)
4. Technical Sciences (2012, 1 manuscript)
5. Bioresource (2012, 1 manuscript)
6. Food Research International (2012, 5 manuscript) Impact factor (2011; 3.150)
7. Fruits (2012, 1 manuscript) Impact factor (2011: 0.764)
8. HortScience Journal (The American Society of Horticultural Science) (2009, 1 manuscript)
9. Food and bioprocess technology: An international journal (2010, 1 Manuscript) Impact factor (2009: 2.238)
10. Sensors (2011, 1 manuscript)
11. Journal of Agricultural Science and Technology (Islamic Republic of Iran) (2009, 2 manuscript; 2010, 2 manuscript)
12. International Journal of Food Properties (2011, 1 manuscript; 2009, 1 manuscript) Impact factor (2008: 1.020), (2009: 0.820)
13. Separation and Purification Technology (2011, 1 manuscript) Impact factor (2010: 2.879)
14. World Applied Sciences Journal (2009, 1 manuscript)
15. Kamphaengsaen Academic Journal. (2008, 2009)
16. Journal of Food Process Engineering (2009, 1 manuscript) Impact factor (2009: 0.656)
17. Industrial Crops and Products, An International Journal (2008, 1 manuscript, 2009, 1 manuscript, 2011, 2 manuscripts, 2012, 1 manuscripts) Impact factor (2008, 2009: 1.660; 2011: 2.507)
18. The technology and innovation for sustainable development international conference (TISD2008, TISD2009, TISD2010 (4 manuscripts)).
19. The Philippine Agricultural Scientist Journal (2008, 1 manuscript; 2011, 1 manuscript)
20. Maejo International Journal of Science and Technology (2008, 1 manuscript, 2010, 1 manuscript) (Member of editorial board)
21. Koen Kaen University Research Journal (2007)
22. Suranaree Journal of Science and Technology (2007)
23. Songklanakarin Journal of Science and Technology (2011, 1 manuscript)

National Journal
1. Journal of Rajabhat Maha Sarakham University (2010, 1 manuscript)
2. Journal of Engineering Rajamangala Thanyaburi (2009, 1 manuscript)
3. KKU research journal (2007)
4. Kamphaengsaen Academic Journal, (2008, 2009)
5. Journal of Rajanagarindra (Rajabhat University Rajanagarindra) (2007-present) (2011, 3 manuscripts)
6. Journal of the Thai Society of Agricultural Engineering (2002-2009), (2012, 1 manuscript)
7. Ladkrabang Engineering Journal, Thailand (1995-1996) (Member of editorial board)
8. Industrial Technology Journal, Thailand (1994-1996) (Member of editorial board)

Published papers (2008-2012)
1. Sirisomboon, P., Boonmung, S., Pornchaloempong P., and Pithuncharurnlap, M. A Preliminary Study on Classification of Mango Maturity by Compression Test. International Journal of Food Properties, 11: 206-212 (2008)
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The best qualified research award in engineering in the 6th conference of Kasetsart University Kampangsan campus. Panmanas Sirisomboon and Phatcharee Klaimanee 2009. Physical properties of sweet corn. The 6th KU-KPS conference. 8-9 December 2009. Kasetsart University, Kampangsan campus, Nakorn Pathom, Thailand (in Thai).
Scientific Award of Excellence for 2011 selected by the American Biographical Institute, Inc., USA.