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บริษัท คาราบาวตะวันแดง จำกัด / Carabao Tawandang Co., Ltd.


บริษัท คาราบาวตะวันแดง จำกัด

Carabao Tawandang Co.,Ltd.

Carabao "Carabao" is an energy drink that was inspired by the fighting spirit of an individual. It is more than a global energy drink, it is the empowerment to accomplish personal goals. Carabao symbolizes the spirit of individuals who fight for the cause they believe in. Not by force, but with determination, hence the slogan: " The Fighting Spirit of Carabao"
Address 462/59 Nang Linchee Rd., Yannawa Bangkok 10120, Thailand
Telephone (66) 2285-3960-4
Fax (66) 2285-3965
e-mail [email protected]
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