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บริษัท เนเจอร์สไปซ์ จำกัด / Nature Spice Co., Ltd.


บริษัท เนเจอร์สไปซ์ จำกัด


Nature Spice Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of Thai curry pastes under trademark name "Numprick Khun Shine." It has received various certifications including "Good Manufacturing Practices" (GMP) and "Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point System" (HACCP) by Thailand's Ministry of Public Health, and "Halal Certification" from Central Islamic Committee of Thailand. Additionally, Numprick Khun Shine is awarded a five-star OTOP under the food category. All products of Numprick Khun Sine thai curry pastehave no preservatives, nor coloring additives added but contains all natural ingredients.

Numprick Khun Shine has produced various kinds of products under its name, extending from Thai curry paste to rice mixed curry paste, fried garlic, fried shallot, roasted rice, etc. Numprick Khun Shine is known for its selective in raw materials and ingredients to assure all products meet the standard of the authentic Thai taste.

Mrs. Raveerat Lucksanavisit is a founder of Nature Spice Co., Ltd. Today, she is an executive overseeing seven branches of "Nittaya Kai Yang Restaurant and Kai Traka Restaurant." Mrs. Raveerat is a Thai food expert on authentic curry pastes. Morever, Dr. Bordin Rassameethes, an Associate Professor in the Department of Operations Management, Faculty of Business Administration at Kasetsart University, is an advisor and a business partner of Nature Spice Co., Ltd.

Numprick Khun Shine has been granted Shell Chuan Chim Certificate (gourmet mark) for its delicious traditional Thai Curry Pastes by M.R. Thanadsri Svasti, who is a co-founder of Shell Chuan Chim Certification Mark and the first guide to Thailand's good eating/or Thailand's first guide to good eating. Moreover, he gave the special definition for Numprick Khun Shine as: "World Standard Quality Authentic Thai Taste from a Traditional Thai Recipe."

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