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The new benchmark in temperature control continues the sb tradition / sb 210

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    The new benchmark in temperature control continues the sb tradition / sb 210
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    Temperature control for cold chain business
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    Thermo King

General introduction

Today's trucking environment is a tough one, with rising fuel costs, high operating costs and driver turnover at an all-time high. To help you and your business address these concerns, Thermo King has developed the SB-210+, the latest in a long line of SB reefer units. The SB line has always set the industry benchmark for quality and reliability, and the new SB-210+ is no exception. With refined fuel-saving technology, an improved driver interface with the new OptisetTM Plus, the SB-210+ is designed with one goal in mind: to allow you to deliver your load in the best condition and at the lowest cost possible. The SB-210+ continues the most important part of the SB tradition: optimum performance with a lower life-cycle cost.



  • Greater Fuel Savings
  • Lower Operating Costs
  • Increased Driver Retention
  • Delivering Environmental Benefits while Saving Your Money by
    • SmartPowerTM reduces energy costs by up to 75%, lowers maintenance costs & extends reefer lifespan
    • SmartPowerTM reduces diesel emissions, noises and cuts waste
    • Certified by EPA
    • EMI-3000 extends maintenance interval
    • SR-2 Controller makes your driver to accurately manage the temperature in the trailer by exceptional functions: fuel savings, improved diagnosis, language selection, CargoWatchTM, CYCLE-SENTRYTM Modulation, enhanced safety & security, enhanced FreshSetTM and ServiceWatchTM.