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Environment Management System
Features Kills bacteria, mold and viruses Uses no chemicals Enhances existing GMP, HACCP and sanitation programs Reduces ethylene Reduces odors 24/7 operation Model Coverage Range (cu.ft.) Typical Application Price EMS-ST24 400 - 6,000 Walk in coolers, Deli areas, Small processing areas Call EMS-3100 4000 - 60,000* Cold storage facilities, Restaurant prep areas, Ripening rooms Call EMS-3300 60,000 - 250,000* Large cold storage facilities, Processing rooms Call *May be installed in parallel to expand coverage range.
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Hussmann is a world leader in manufacturing, selling, installing and servicing its merchandising equipment and refrigeration systems to customers throughout the world. Refrigerated and Non-Refrigerated display Frozen showcase: Frozen food, Ice cream Counter service: Meat, Sausage Multideck: Large parallel racks, Smaller distributed systems
General introduction Today's trucking environment is a tough one, with rising fuel costs, high operating costs and driver turnover at an all-time high. To help you and your business address these concerns, Thermo King has developed the SB-210+, the latest in a long line of SB reefer units. The SB line has always set the industry benchmark for quality and reliability, and the new SB-210+ is no exception. With refined fuel-saving technology, an improved driver interface with the new OptisetTM Plus, the SB-210+ is designed with one goal in mind: to allow you to deliver your load in the best condition and at the lowest cost possible. The SB-210+ continues the most important part of the SB tradition: optimum performance with a lower life-cycle cost. Highlight: Greater Fuel Savings Lower Operating Costs Increased Driver Retention Delivering Environmental Benefits while Saving Your Money by SmartPowerTM reduces energy costs by up to 75%, lowers maintenance costs & extends reefer lifespan SmartPowerTM reduces diesel emissions, noises and cuts waste Certified by EPA EMI-3000 extends maintenance interval SR-2 Controller makes your driver to accurately manage the temperature in the trailer by exceptional functions: fuel savings, improved diagnosis, language selection, CargoWatchTM, CYCLE-SENTRYTM Modulation, enhanced safety & security, enhanced FreshSetTM and ServiceWatchTM.
Asia version Reach-in Freezer is specially designed for Asian retail market to fit Asia store size, condition and local shoppers' physical feature with Hussmans's industry leading Innovator Door, providing greater energy efficiency, better lighting and simplified maintenance.
New ICE Range of Display counters is developed for Higher Energy Efficiency than ever and much more possibility for products benefiting from enlarged display areas and improved lighting with excellent all round product visibility and fantastic profile design.
New ICE Range of Display cases are giving you flexibility, as well as performance. All ergonomically designed for optimum internal space management with 12% increased load capacity and up to 20% energy saving.
New ICE Range of Display counters is developed for Higher Energy Efficiency than ever and much more possibility for products benefiting from enlarged display areas and improved lighting with excellent all round product visibility and fantastic profile design.
General introduction Protocol[1] is a compact, low noisy and high performance paralleled scroll compressor system, used to drive various refrigeration applications within a certain range of cooling capacity. It is a compact and low noise design, thus it can be installed near the refrigeration terminal such as a refrigeration display case. Thus, the refrigerant line could be very short and brings following Protocol has following specifications and advantages: Capacity and size: MT and LT application 16 ~ 36HP (inputting power) with 4~6 compressors. Vertical 1092X745X2032 (L x W x H) or Horizontal 3099X745X813 (L x W x H) ; Noise: <=65dB, which enable to be installed out of machine room and achieves short hose design; Low installation cost: Reducing refrigerant charge by 60~80%, low leak probability, no need of machine room; No need or decrease the requirement of evaporative pressure regulations; Performance: High performance scroll compressor, especially LT EVI application; Suitable for load with big fluctuation by 4~6 paralleled compressors; High performance due to short refrigerant line with low pressure drop in the system; No mix application (avoiding the case of different evaporative applications using same suction line) Protocol application area: Supermarket, Cold storage and any place which need small scale refrigeration system. [1] Protocol was named after Montreal Protocol where worldwide CFC phase out schedule were first adopted
SpectrumTM TS
General introduction Heightened by growing concerns over temperature accuracy and the shelf-life of food products, governments and customers worldwide are demanding tighter control and more accurate monitoring of temperatures throughout the cold chain. SPECTRUMTM TS gives you maximum capacity under all conditions; in fact, the new remote evaporators deliver up to 45% more cooling capacity than their predecessors, pull-down up to 35% faster and use fuel less 14% in the process operated by user-friendly SPECTRUMTM TS Controller. Highlight: Three temperature option User-friendly SPECTRUMTM TS Controller Reliability through quality and design Total load protection through precise temperature management Simple operation through intuitive controls Flexibility to suit your needs High performance - Low Life Cost
TRANE Greenergy
TRANE Greenergy Inverter Multi System กระจายความเย็นได้ 2-8 ห้อง ประหยัดไฟสูงสุด 29% ให้ความเย็นมากขึ้น 27%