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Shear pump & Powder mixer

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    Shear pump & Powder mixer
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    Mixer, Mixing tank, Blender
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    Shear pump & Powder mixer
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Homogenizing, Dispersing, Emulsifying and Dissolving

Our new unit enables you to produce multiphase products of consistently high quality, time after time.

The principle is really quite simple.

The new, efficient mixing method is based on the proven centrifugal pumps of the Fristam FP range. Instead of the impeller, a rotor/stator system, operating at tip speeds of up to 38 m/s, draws inhomogeneous media through shearing clearances of just 0.3 mm.

Thanks to the extremely high flow rates in the rotor/stator system and the high shear rate of up to 125,000 1/s, a high-performance blending of multiphase products is achieved. The result: Inseparable emulsions and end products of incomparable homogeneity.

The smooth operational performance achieved by this system conforms with the unique precision and quality you have come to expect from all Fristam components.

Since applications vary in type and complexity, we offer customized solutions ranging from the small single unit to large-scale inline installations, as well as expert engineering consultation and supportUsing it pays.

Right from the development stage we focus on the profitability of your production.

This is where the saving starts.

Compared with conventional dissolving processes in large tanks or boilers, using the Fristam Shear pump can cut your processing time by up to 90 %. The Shear pump disintegrates agglomerates and lumps etc. with its high shear energy, and gives absolutely constant, repeatable results.

This pump is also highly suitable for handling varying batch sizes.

The forced flow of the products in the Shear pump ensures a continuously high standard of quality.

Depending on the application, you can expect to use fewer raw materials because of the more effective breakdown of constituents: When processing stabilizers, we noted a reduction in the raw material requirement of 10 %.

Cleaning – the Shear pump is, like all Fristam pumps, fully CIP-capable. As a rule, you can carry out maintenance yourself since its construction is familiar due to its similarity to the centrifugal pumps.

All in all we are talking here of a very short amortization period.

We would be pleased to provide a test unit free of charge for trials in your production process.