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Laser coders

  • ชื่อผลิตภัณฑ์
    Laser coders
  • หมวดหมู่
    Coding, Labelling machine
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  • ยี่ห้อ


  • Line speed - up to 110 m/min
  • Maximum laser output power at lens - 10W
  • Standard Spot size/Mark field/Mark distance - 0.27mm/44x44mm/67mm
  • Other lens and head options (range) :

◦ Spot Size 0.09-1.12 mm

◦ Marking Field 29x36-295x407 mm

◦ Mark distance 67-385mm

  • Number of lines of text - Only limited by character size and marking field size
  • Character height - up to marking field size
  • Print rotation - 0-360°
  • Code options - alphanumeric codes, data matrix 2D codes , barcodes, graphics and logos
  • Wavelength - 10.6µm or 9.3µm (ideal for PET)
  • Head options - SHC60 (standard spot) , SHC100 (small spot) , SHC120 (micro spot)
  • Head mounting kits - BEU (Beam Extension Unit) , BTU (Beam Turning Unit) , Straight Shooter
  • IP rating - IP54
  • Average tube life - 45,000 hrs
  • Air cooled - not factory air

Laser Coders


Low running costs

  • A tube life of 45,000 hours - the longest tube life on the market, greatly reduces overall running costs
  • Service intervals typically twice that of the industry standard, due to the laser's design which makes it very reliable in even the most demanding factory environments
  • Does not require expensive factory air for cooling unlike many alternative laser coders