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Large Character Marking

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    Large Character Marking
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    Coding, Labelling machine
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LINX Continuous Ink Jet – CIJ
CIJ is a non-contact printing method whereby electrically charged droplets of ink, half the diameter of a human hair, are expelled from a printhead nozzle at a rate of up to 120,000 droplets per second to form a character or pattern. The non-contact nature of CIJ allows coding of irregular products and on high speed lines. You can trust Linx to provide a comprehensive solution to your industrial marking needs with our inkjet printers.Linx CIJ, printers are renowned globally for their ease of use, reliability and low cost of ownership. Linx printers benefit from a unique, robust, sealed printhead which contributes to the reliability of our printers. Linx CIJ printers are at least IP55 rated, and operate without the need for factory air.
Large Character Marking
Physical characteristics • Choice of 2 printheads: 2 cartridge printhead prints up to 25mm; 4 cartridge printhead prints up to 50mm. • Choice of operating with 1 or 2 printheads • Weight – 1.86 kg • Controller – composed of durable ABS and steel • Printhead – composed of steel and aluminium• Uses water-based inks in disposable cartridge form Versatile print capabilities • Your existing label designs can be easily transferred to the Linx IJ200 using our Windows Printer Driver software • High resolution printing of text, logos and barcodes – up to 600dpi • Black, red, blue, green Ink colours for most applications • Create codes either directly on the printer, or off-line and transfer to the printer by memory card
Thermal Transfer Overprinters
TT5 The Linx TT5 Thermal Transfer Overprinter provides the ultimate combination of benefits for coding onto flexible film packaging (flow wrap) , labels or gloss card. The Linx TT Series of thermal transfer coders is ideal for a variety of product identification applications especially within the snack food, confectionery and pharmaceutical sectors Printing Capability Ribbon width of 20mm - 55mm Maximum ribbon length of 1000m Print speed: intermittent motion mode from 50mm/sec to 800mm/sec Print speed: continuous motion mode from 0mm/sec to 1000mm/sec Wide range of ribbon colours with excellent rub resistance and superb adhesion to packaging materials TT10 The Linx TT10 Thermal Transfer Overprinter provides the ultimate combination of benefits for coding onto flexible film packaging (flow wrap) , labels or gloss card. The Linx TT Series of thermal transfer s is ideal for a variety of product identification applications especially within the snack , confectionery and pharmaceutical sectors. Printing capability Ribbon width of 55mm - 110mm Maximum ribbon length of 600m Print speed: intermittent motion mode from 50mm/sec to 700mm/sec Print speed: continuous motion mode from 40mm/sec to 800mm/sec Wide range of ribbon colours with excellent rub resistance and superb adhesion to packaging materials
Large Character Marking
Reduce your packaging costs with the Linx IJ600 Large Character Printer. This Linx coder prints exceptional quality graphics, text and barcodes on bags, boxes, packaging and containers. The twinheads enable coding and marking on 2 sides simultaneously and at any angle, and the specially designed pressurised ink system delivers consistent results whatever the head orientation. The self-cleaning printheads and robust printhead enclosure mean less mess, less downtime and a lower cost of ownership, thus reducing your operating costs further High resolution impulse jet printhead (180 dpi) Text/graphics/bar codes to 70mm height Self cleaning printhead Ink system with pressure control at point of print allowing printing in any orientation Complex messages accessible from leading label design packages using the Linx IJ600 Printer Driver software Printhead heater for ambient operating temperature down to +2°C WYSIWYG display
Laser Coders
Specifications Line speed - up to 110 m/min Maximum laser output power at lens - 10W Standard Spot size/Mark field/Mark distance - 0.27mm/44x44mm/67mm Other lens and head options (range) : ◦ Spot Size 0.09-1.12 mm ◦ Marking Field 29x36-295x407 mm ◦ Mark distance 67-385mm Number of lines of text - Only limited by character size and marking field size Character height - up to marking field size Print rotation - 0-360° Code options - alphanumeric codes, data matrix 2D codes , barcodes, graphics and logos Wavelength - 10.6µm or 9.3µm (ideal for PET) Head options - SHC60 (standard spot) , SHC100 (small spot) , SHC120 (micro spot) Head mounting kits - BEU (Beam Extension Unit) , BTU (Beam Turning Unit) , Straight Shooter IP rating - IP54 Average tube life - 45,000 hrs Air cooled - not factory air
Thermal Transfer Overprinters
Has your date coding system reached the end of its shelf life? Then upgrade your current contact coding system to the Linx TT3 - the easy way to get high quality variable coding for your flexible packaging. The Linx TT3 is designed for simple date and batch coding with variable information onto flexible film packaging such as bags, pouches and flow wrap. The 35 mm wide printhead is ideal for coding small message areas of 32 mm x 30 mm, and an efficient ribbon drive reduces ribbon wastage to an absolute minimum. Changing ribbons is very easy with a simple ribbon cassette system, which saves you precious time on the production line. With a simple colour touch screen, minimal manual intervention is needed to set up or change messages, making the Linx TT3 the perfect choice for manufacturers looking to upgrade from non digital solutions such as hot stamp or roller coders. Lowest Ribbon Costs• Clutchless bi-directional ribbon drive system - allows more prints per ribbon for lowest cost of coding and minimises the risk of ribbon breakages• Standard ribbon length 600m - less frequent ribbon changes required Simplest Ribbon System• Simple ribbon changeover with cassette system - increases uptime• Fitting ribbon to cassette couldn't be easier Easiest to use• Clear, simple colour touch screen enables easy code set up - error-free operation• Standard code formats permit basic coding without the need of a PCHighest Quality Print• Full resolution 300dpi printhead for printing even the smallest characters, time after time KNOW THE PRODUCT The Linx TT3 - Easy to use, maximum ribbon economy, minimum fuss.• Optimised ribbon economy for lowest running costs• Simple ribbon changeover with cassette system saves time• Clear, simple operator interface including standard code formats reduces operator error and allows basic coding out of the box without a PC• High resolution 300dpi printhead for optimum legibility of even the smallest characters
Laser Coders
Mid powered, 30W scribing lasercoder. Designed for simple installation and operation Lowest running costs A tube life of 45,000 hours - the longest tube life on the market, greatly reduces overallrunning costs Service intervals typically twice that of the industry standard, due to the laser's designwhich makes it very reliable in even the most demanding factory environments Does not require expensive factory air for cooling unlike some alternative laser coders* Most versatile coder VisiCodeTM unique to Linx lasers, enables the laser to produce the clearest code possible on cold glass. Choose between 10.6µm and 9.3µm laser tubes for optimum coding on different substrates Linx's QuickSwitchTM (optional) allows fast and easy code changes using a barcode scanner or other external device| Label Enable, used when coding on a label station, ensures the laser is triggered at justthe right moment for coding the label 24/7 operation without the need for manual intervention Choose between IP54 and IP65 models *IP54 models. IP65 requires a Blower Unit (see overleaf) .
Laser Coders
High powered 50W scribing laser coder for high quality coding at high speeds. High performance in harsh production environments The Linx SL501 is ideal for printing high-quality text, graphics and Data Matrix codes on a wide range of materials, for both primary coding or secondary packaging applications. Capable of speeds of over 700m/min and protected against the toughest production environments, the Linx SL501 is ideal for high-speed coding applications in the beverage,brewing andfood industries. It is equally athome on slower production lines where more complex coding or marking is required oncomponents made of more difficult to mark materials such as glass and rubber
Continuous Ink Jet Printers
Are you paying more than you should on additional features for your current coding equipment? The Linx 7900 range of printers offer advanced additional features as standard, providing value for money with no hiddencosts. Simple printer control• Linx Insight® enables remote monitoringfrom a smart phone, plus message downloadand control from a PC• QuickSwitch® software allows simpleand accurate code changes using a barcode scanner• USB port means easy transfer of messages between printers. Lowest running costs• Intelligent ink system enables up to 9000 hours* between scheduled service intervals• 18 month warranty* on printer from installation at no extra cost• Mistake-free message editing is provided by customisable on-screen prompts, to reducecoding errors. Increased production uptime• FullFlush® system automatically cleans and dries the printhead and conduit at every shutdown• SureFill® enables fast, mistake-free refills everytime. Additional standard features• Ethernet port for easy connectivity to the web or factory systems• Prints up to 3 lines of text, logos, barcodes and 2D Data Matrix codes, with 5 line upgrade available• RS232 connectivity for line integration• Connectivity for two product detectors and shaft encoder, for easy installation with conveyors and other equipment• Low fluid consumption with a range of versatile inks, to reduce running costs and emissions. Linx InsightThe new Linx Insight offers end users the opportunity to control their printers remotely. The key benefits include:• Status view of current message,warnings and service life from a smart phone or PC, for increased control of your production line• Remote message download or upload from a PC, which helps to prevent coding errors. General features• Single button startup and shutdown• Simple menu-driven WYSIWYG message creation and editing• SureFill® mistake-proof refill system and on-screen fluid level indicators• Integral QWERTY keyboard (full size) and 1/4 VGA back-lit colour display, printer status indicators (4 LEDs)• USB port for copy and back up of message and printer settings• FullFlush® automatic printhead and conduit flush• Saving remote field data over a power cycle• Linx Insight® remote printer control and status view• Auto power-off• Automatic diagnostics• Multiple operator languages (user selectable)• Dynamically adjusted service interval up to 9000 hours (not available with Spectrum, FG)• Password-protected functions• Dynamic message and logo storage capacity• Prompted fields