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Laser coders

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    Laser coders
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    Coding, Labelling machine
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High powered 50W scribing laser coder for high quality coding at high speeds.

High performance in harsh production environments

The Linx SL501 is ideal for printing high-quality text, graphics and Data Matrix codes on a wide range of materials, for both primary coding or secondary packaging applications. Capable of speeds of over 700m/min and protected against the toughest production environments, the Linx SL501 is ideal for high-speed coding applications in the beverage,brewing andfood industries. It is equally athome on slower production lines where more complex coding or marking is required oncomponents made of more difficult to mark materials such as glass and rubber

Laser Coders





  • Maximum number of characters per second - 2000
  • Maximum line speed of 740m/min
  • Single long life laser tube for long term low cost of ownership
  • Multiple operating languages
  • Automated date and traceability coding capability
  • Large mark field option produces character heights from 1mm to 139mm
  • CO2 scribing laser coder
  • 50W average power (100W peak power) suitable for high speed coding applications and for coding on hard to mark materials
  • IP65 environmental rating for coding in demanding environments