Delmax Machinery Co., Ltd.

Delmax Machinery Company Limited (DMC) , a Thai company, established in 1990 with it's registered capital of Baht 25 million fully paid-up, is a leading designer and manufacturer of filling, capping and labeling machines. More than 50 kinds of machines are now available in our current production. Both standard and custom-made machines are manufactured to meet customer's needs and serve many industries such as; Client reference list of DMC includes Sermsuk (Pepsi Cola) , Thai Nam Thip (Coca Cola) , Boon Rawd Brewvery (Singha Beer) , Thai Tipparos (Fish Sauce) , Thai Industrial (Vegetable Oil) , M Water (Sprinkle) , Osoth Sapa (Vivant) , Thai Winery (Wine) , Thai Government Pharmaceutical Organization, Perrier Vitel Thailand,Nestle Milk, Chokechai Milk, Pattalung Milk and many other companies. Since 1990, our solid reputation has been built based on our superior machine performance and comprehensive after sales service systems for both domestic and international customers. Presently the company has over 200 employees with 150 involved in production/sales/customer service and another 50 in administration. DMC is in the process of expanding sales of its machinery to Indochina countries as well as Myanmar, Bangladesh, the Philippines and Australia. The strength of DMC lies in its knowledge of the filling, capping and packing industries; its ability to design and manufacture bottling systems for the domestic and international markets; it's high quality with a low-cost base machinery, and it's 12 years experiences as market leader in Thailand.

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This is a fully automatic machine with six in-line heads for drinking water or other low viscosity liquids, utilizing either glass or rigid plastic bottles of various sizes. Bottles travel along a delivery conveyor and are positioned under the filling heads. When the filling heads are deployed, the plug mechanism is designed to prevent any dripping. In addition, the filling process work on the basis of "No Bottles No Filling" system and the filling technique is regulated by the liquid flow. The filling heads can be raised or lowered to match bottles height. The machine platform is water-proof by design, which prevents water from getting into the lower compartments. Electro-pneumatic and PLC are used in this machine. The complete filling machine may be dismantled easily for cleaning and maintenance.
This 36 heads machine consists of filling Capping and Cap Sorting devices in one single table. The major advantage of the Super Monobloc is that it is space-saving from the filling point to cap receiving point. Running distances are remarkably making it suitable for products which use full bottles capacity such as drinking water. The filling system is pure gravity making it the optimum machine for drinking water filling. The filling operation is suitable for PE and PET bottles. With uniform filling levels, consistant levels are maintained for every bottle. The filling bowl can be raised or lowered to match different bottle heights. The frame of the machine is of water-proof design preventing water from getting into the lower compartments. Electro-pneumatic controls are used. The complete filling machine may be dismantled for cleaning and maintainance