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With more than 10-year experiences of producing the plastic pallet by SRITHAI Superware along with the world class technology, "SCHOELLER ARCA SYSTEMS" and "SANKO" from Germany and Japan respectively, which are the most experienced manufacturers in the world. Products guarantee their quality and durability under SRITHAI Superware brand, certitying that the performance of the plastic pallets is continuously improved in order to meet increased expectations of our clients.

The most important features of SRITHAI Superware plastic pallets are:

1. Advanced design to build the standardized mold for the One-pieced Pallet without Welding* and the best plastic materials guarantee that SRITHAI Superware plastic pallets are impact resistant, tough, yet light weight and long lasting

2. Depending on the intended use pallets with Single or Double Decks and 2- or 4-way entry are available

3. Suitable for Rack Stacking

4. Hygiene. Easily cleaning possible with standard equipment

- Never absorb water, therefore keep their weight constant,

- De-watering holes prevent trapping of water when used outdoor during rains

- GMP and HACCP requirements

5. Anti termite and insect. No preventive treatment is necessary

6. No corrosion as well as no splinters and nails

7. Excellent resistance to most chemicals as well as the Ultraviolet from sunlight

8. Usable temperature range -30o C to 110o C*

9. Depending on the used plastic material, the pallets conform to DIN and JIS Standards

10. Anti-slipping rubber pads can be attached to most pallet decks and are standard in the fork openings of most pallets*

11. Fully recyclable after their useful lifetime, as well as Residual Value

12. Suitable for Export purpose (ISPM No 15)

*Depending on the type of pallet

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Size: 1000 x 1200 x 180 mm. Weight: 25.5 (+/- 1) kg Usage: Single deck, 4-way entry, Forklift & Handpallet Dynamic loads: 1,500 kg Static loads: 4,500 kg Material: HDPE; High Density Polyethylene
Size: 1350 x 1350 x 130 mm. Weight: 27.5 (+/- 1) kg Usage: 4-way entry, Forklift only Dynamic loads: 2,000 kg Static loads: 6,000 kg Material: HDPE; High Density Polyethylene