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Agro-Food Analysis
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- A low cost, compact, robust, standalone spectrophotometer - Pre-installed protocols for use with an extensive range of Megazyme test kits - Exclusive software capable of performing sequential reactions - Fully automated data analysis (accounts for individual sample dilutions) - Twice as many tests using Megazyme test kits (option to use half assay volumes) - Use as a standard spectrophotometer in absorbance mode (MegaCalc™ compatible) - Suitable for low sample numbers/small laboratories/wineries
Ceralpha Kit for the assay of Cereal Alpha Amylase
Ethanol Ethyl alcohol
D-Glucose (GOPOD Format)
Resistant Starch
Resistant Starch
การตรวจสอบ GMO
Canola / Cotton / Flax / Maize / Papaya / Potato / Rice / Soybean / Sugarbeet > CRM for Quantification of GMOs > GMO Detection GMOScreen GMOIdent GMOQuant DNA Extraction Protein Tests (Romer Labs)