Power Tech Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.

Nature of Business

PTCI imports and distributes high quality chemical products for the use as standard materials for analysis. Our customers span a wide range sections, including governmental laboratories, universities, and private companies.

We select and offer chemicals with the highest quality from different parts of the world, which will fit with our

customers’ needs regarding the purity, accuracy, precision, reliability, and traceability.


We have worked in the following business sectors:

Food Analysis (Megazyme brand),

Nanomaterials (Nanocs brand),

Chemicals Standard (RM, SRM, CRM, ARD, ERM, BAM, etc.),

Phytochemicals (Botanical) and High Purity Lipids & Fatty acids.


We are proud that we can supply products to several business sectors. While other companies might focus on one particular kind of products, our strategy is to search for what our customers actually need based on the information provided to us. Several of our customers come to appreciate the quality of our services and continue to remain our active customers.

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Agro-Food Analysis
Download Catalogue: Website Tutorial: β-Amylase Assay Procedure: Mixed Linkage β-Glucan Assay Procedure: Malt β-Glucanase Assay Procedure: α-Amylase Assay Procedure:
- A low cost, compact, robust, standalone spectrophotometer - Pre-installed protocols for use with an extensive range of Megazyme test kits - Exclusive software capable of performing sequential reactions - Fully automated data analysis (accounts for individual sample dilutions) - Twice as many tests using Megazyme test kits (option to use half assay volumes) - Use as a standard spectrophotometer in absorbance mode (MegaCalc™ compatible) - Suitable for low sample numbers/small laboratories/wineries
Ceralpha Kit for the assay of Cereal Alpha Amylase
Ethanol Ethyl alcohol